is the Sunday Children Program in CCCO.

The children will learn together, growth together on a solid foundation of the Word of God.

Our main curriculum line on Sunday is D6 Curriculum. There is always a strong Biblical focus as children are taught through creative lessons and values from God’s Word.

Every Sunday children from 3 years old to grade 6 will worship TOGETHER in music, the goal is to engage the children in worship through lively and engaging ways and to introduce them to the joys of worship through music.


TOGETHER Program schedule

Time Location Ages Coordinators
9:30–10:45  Nursery session 1 (new born to 2 years old) Shelly Wang
11:15–12:30  Nursery session 2 (new born to 2 years old) Amy Wong
9:30–11:00 Early Seedling age 2 to Grade 2 – activities focus program Michelle Wang
11:00–11:20 Children Worship in music 3 years old to Grade 6 Karen Wong

11: 20-12:30


Seedling Group

Sprout Group

3 years old to Grade 2

Grade 2  to Grade 6 

Michelle Wang

Amy Kong